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Especially for your project:

We can define whether your project's sound insulation, thermal insulation, acoustics or statics meet the demands by our expert team via specific calculations. Instead of having these services by many different sources, ask it to the experts.

Thermal Insulation

Don't pay more to stay on the safe side...

We are calculating your exterior wall's thermal resistance with accredited programs from America and Europe. In this way, the properties of the product which used in walls can be select by performance. We can define the insulation material's type and thickness which will be used on outer face of wall or between the studs according to the climate conditions.

We can also calculate the heat bridges and condensation risks according to thickness and spacing of the profiles. If required, we suggest to make some changes of materials such as profiles, insulation materials, etc. and we are offering detailed solutions especially for the areas with high risk of condensation.

You can design healthy and comfortable facades which fulfill your heat insulation criterias, and also without mold and condensation. All you have to do is contact us.

Wind Loads

Do your exterior walls resistant to the wind?

Through two static calculation and simulation programs used in partnership with Germany, you can make your exterior walls healthier. Under favour of calculations made by wall height and wind load, suitable profile types, thicknesses and stud spacings can be determined.

Don't begin your wall applications without finding out wind resistant.

Sound Insulation

Having quite and peaceful places is not that hard...

Especially with the recent researches, noise levels in living spaces and assurance of spatial comfort has gained more importance. So, are your walls have adequate sound insulation values?

With the accredited calculation softwares which used by acoustic labs and consultants; we are calculating sound insulation values of your walls. Then we offer systems and solutions with appropriate sound insulation values according to usage . In this way, we help you to create quiet and comfortable spaces.

Don't make double work, create your walls with the right sound insulation values.

Spatial Acoustic

Do your walls have resonance problem?

You can solve resonance problem in areas where large numbers of person gather as restaurant, hotel, etc. by consulting to us. In places such as classes, hospitals, where it is important to talk to, places should be designed by making acoustic arrangements.

With softwares that designed by us, you can receive Knauf's dry wall and suspended ceiling systems defined according to space dimensions. You can provide sound absorbing products, their usage rates and installation guides to optimise the resonance periods in places.