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How can I provide 120 min. fire protection?

We can suggest three different solutions:

  • W112 Partition Wall System: 2x15mm Fire Resistant Gypsum Board (FR)
  • W112 Partition Wall System: 2x12,5mm Fire Resistant Gypsum Board (FR-DF)
  • Or 2x25mm Fireboard from the exposed side

Can box profiles be used instead of Knauf galvanised profiles?

All Knauf systems are constituted and tested with galvanize profiles. According to these tests, all Knauf system components should be used in order to get the expected performances.

Does the gypsum board provide fire protection by itself?

The only gypsum board which provides fire protection by itself is Fireboard. Above the proper construction, from the fire exposed side:

  • One layer 20mm Fireboard provides 90 minutes,
  • Double layer 25mm Fireboard provides 120 minutes fire protection.

To provide these performances, Fireboard joint tape and joint filler must be used.

Can high wall constructions be achieved by these systems?

With the right profile thickness and axial spacing, partition walls can be applied up to 12 meters. For higher walls, additional construction is required.

Is there a way to hang loads on partition walls?

Up to certain weight lavabo, toilet ect. loads can be hanged unsupportedly. After a certain weight, reinforcing with UA Profiles is required. Other console loads can be hanged with proper dowels. To specify the load class of your wall, please reach our technical team via or 444 92 74.

Can Cleaneo Acoustic Boards be painted?

Before painting, Spezialgrund is applied to the joints and screw heads of the acoustic gypsum boards.

Short-piled roller or brush is used for primer and painting applications.

Note: The primer material must be compatible with the paint / coating material which is to be applied.

Are partition wall systems impact resistant?

It's possible with Diamant. It's a special gypsum board with enhanced sound insulation, fire and moisture resistance, impact strength properties. For further information please visit our Document Center .

What is the max. applicable plaster thickness?

The suggested thickness is 1,5 cm. If thicker layers needed,first layer's drying time should be waited to avoid cracks.

Why does gypsum plaster crack?

The reasons could be the following ones:

  • Water-plaster ratio could be wrong
  • Air circulation could be too much in the application area,
  • The surface could be dirty or dry and hot (in order to avoid cracks, surfaces like airated concrete, bricks etc. must be saturated before application)
  • Surface is not flat or plaster thickness is not proper (applicable thickness must be max. 1,5 cm)
  • There could be gaps between joints

Gypsum board wall partition systems are not solid.

False. Knauf partition wall systems are constituted by galvanized profiles and does not show load-bearing wall properties. Most important thing on eartquakes is the flexibility of buildings. Earthquake prevention can be provided by flexible systems like partition wall systems.

Gypsumboard wall partition systems does not provide fire protection.

False. Fire protection up to 120 minutes can be provided by Knauf Partition Wall Systems.

Gypsumboard wall partition systems does not provide sound protection.

False. The optimised sound insulation value is 45 dB. Gypsumboards which produced especially for sound insulation can provide sound insulation up to 80 dB by partition wall system.

Gypsumboards are not resistant to water.

False. Mositure Resistant Gypsum Board (WR) can be used in wet areas. For higher demands, %100 water resistant Aquapanel Boards can be used in indoor and outdoor applications.

Gypsumboards can be cut from back side.

False. All gypsum boards should be cut from front sides.

Gypsum board's cut edges can be tapered by craft knife.

False. Tapering should be applied by edge trimmer and cut papers should be sanded.

Gypsum boards can be carried horizontally.

False. Gypsumboards should be carried vertically.

On double layer gypsum board applications, joints can be overlap.

False. On gypsum board applications, horizontal and vertical joints should be shifted on both sides.

Gypsum board joints can be at edges of doors and sills.

False. The joints must be slided min. 15 cm to the inside.

There's no need to apply dilatation no matter how long the wall is.

False. In all dry wall systems, dilatation must be applied every 10 meters.

Product Combinations


In all Fireboard systems, Fireboard joint tape and joint filler must be used in order to meet the system performances.


Fireboard is paper free (on both sides), fiber glass fleece coated gypsum board

which provides up to 3 hours fire protection.


Fibre glass tape for use at Fireboard joints in drywall systems.


Gypsum based joint filler for Fireboards.


  • Climateshield Derz Bandı
  • Powerelast
  • Guardex Vida Sivri Uçlu
  • Guardex vida matkap uçlu


Guardex® is a non-combustible, lightweight, eco-friendly, mold-water-humidity and weather resistant sheathing board by means of special gypsum core and fiber glass fleece on both sides.


Water and UV resistant self-adhesive joint tape is used at Guardex® joints. At Climateshield joint tape installations joint fillers are not used, joint tape is used solely.


Water-weather-UV resistant white sealant used at Guardex® joints.


Guardex® self tapping screws with countersunk cross-heads, having exposed to min. 240 hrs of salt test, are for fixing Guardex® to metal substructure with thickness up to 1 mm.


Guardex® drill bit screws with countersunk cross-heads, having exposed to min. 240 hrs of salt test, are for fixing Guardex® to metal substructure with thickness of 1 mm up to 3 mm.

Aquapanel Indoor Board

Aquapanel iç cephe plakası
  • Derz yapıştırıcısı PU
  • İç cephe astarı
  • Sıva filesi
  • Derz dolgu sıva harcı Basecoat
  • Q4 perdah sıvası


Cement based board with glass fibre mesh coating in both faces, is used in interior applications.


Moisture resistant adhesive which is used to bond Aquapanel® indoor panels for ceramic tile applications.


Ready-to-use primer for Aquapanel® indoor used as a layer to promote adhesion before surface applications.


Aquapanel® reinforcing fiberglass mesh used with joint fillers and plasters at Aquapanel® interior and exterior applications.


Aquapanel® Basecoat used in outdoor and indoor Aquapanel® systems as joint filler and basecoat plaster.

Aquapanel® Q4 FINISH

Water repellent, ready to use finishing render for high quality surfaces, used in Aquapanel interior applications.


  • Safeboard derz dolgusu


Gypsum plaster board with X-ray protection and additionally sound insulation properties.


Gypsum based joint filler for Safeboards.